Inspections / Test Witnessing

Another uneventful ride brought to you by ATIS.

Your conveyance systems get customers, tenants and employees to where they need to be without them giving a second thought about how they got there. It might not be the most exciting part of their day, or night, but it should be the most uneventful part. ATIS can help make sure of those uneventful elevator and escalator rides through our complete range of inspection and test witnessing services.

Our focus is making sure conveyance systems are compliant and that the maintenance is done correctly and at the agreed cost.

Besides compliance and cost oversight, ATIS also concentrates on the overall passenger safety. You can be sure this is being met thanks in part to our over 140 QEIs. These professionals have an average of 30 years experience, so they’ve seen everything and have experience with all types of equipment, regardless of the manufacturer.

Due Diligence Inspections
Buying real estate without a thorough assessment of the condition and useful life of the conveyance assets can wreak havoc on your return on investment.
Maintenance Inspections

ATIS Maintenance Inspections make sure your conveyance systems adhere to proper safety and maintenance standards, as well as increase equipment life and protect the owner’s investment. Plus, with our Maintenance Contract Development, you can expect to achieve the value for necessary maintenance expenditure and contract management as a building owner or facility manager.

Key Benefits of ATIS Inspection and Test Witnessing Services:

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  • We know elevators, escalators and all other forms of conveyance systems. It’s all we do.
  • ATIS inspectors average 30+ years of experience and meet the ASME QEI-1 standards.
  • Our team of 140 inspectors can be deployed on a moment’s notice.
  • Our national footprint helps assure that wherever your conveyance systems are located we know how to correctly navigate local, city and state regulations so you are up to code.
  • Your operation runs 24/7, so do we.
  • From violation tracking to certification management, we have the required technology solutions you need for visibility and accountability.
  • You work with a dedicated team so your inspection is completed in a timely manner

Your operation runs 24/7, so do we. Contact us today for all your conveyance inspection needs.