Atis Conveyance management Solutions

There’s so much riding on a properly operating elevator.

ATIS manages every aspect of vertical transportation systems on behalf of building owners and property managers.  

As a trusted advisor, we combine objective assessments, expertise and innovative technology to deliver unrivaled transparency and critical insights that improve the safety, compliance and performance of elevators, escalators, moving walks and other conveyances. It’s what building owners and managers deserve, and regulators demand.  Our comprehensive management program gives you peace of mind and ensures that your customers and the riding public can depend on your conveyance systems to keep them moving in the right direction. If you’re looking for objectivity, transparency and accountability, you’ve come to the right place.

Inspections and Safety Test Witnessing

Creating a World With No Conveyance-Related Accidents

ATIS was founded on the Vision of “A World With No Conveyance-Related Accidents” and the objective of disrupting an industry that was lacking investment, innovation and consistency. While safety inspections are too often perceived as a necessary evil and procured without much consideration, these services are critical to the safety of the riding public. Understanding the significance of what we do, ATIS has invested millions of dollars to build the largest and most innovative elevator management company in America, and we deliver unparalleled value and a superior customer experience. It’s why ATIS is the clear industry leader and why we have been recognized among Inc. 5000’s Fastest Growing Private Companies for 3 consecutive years.

Remote monitoring 24/7

We never stop because there's no time for downtime.

We know elevators, escalators and all other forms of conveyance systems. It’s all we do 24/7.  Unscheduled elevator or escalator service outages  can be extremely costly. We can install OEM agnostic remote monitoring technologies and leverage the Internet of Things and predictive analytics to stay ahead of any problems and ensure your conveyances run 24/7.

Certificate and Compliance Management

We’ll keep your systems operational so your business can do the same.

Why manage the certification and compliance of your conveyance systems, when we can do it for you? Conveyance systems are the lifeline to keep people moving in the right direction within an office building, hospital, medical facility, retail store or high-rise residential building.
Our Certificate Management Program helps keep those elevators and escalators operational, and our proprietary tracking system, ATIS Alert, notifies you in real time when elevators, escalators and other conveyances need to be inspected.
Elevator Management and Consulting Services

Another uneventful escalator ride brought to you by ATIS.

We become your trusted advisor and manage the full lifecycle of conveyances to minimize your total cost of ownership and maximize the value of your assets and your investments. Our conveyance management services ensure your current or future conveyance systems enhance the value of your business operations. We can audit the life expectancy of your legacy equipment for modernization, negotiate maintenance contracts as well as perform a traffic and equipment needs analysis for your new building or planned expansion. At ATIS, we’re always at your side.

Proprietary tracking system

Stay alert with real time data, insights and information customized to your requirements.

ATIS Alert notifies you in real time when elevators, escalators and other conveyances need to be inspected, and is the only inspection company in the U.S. that offers this functionality. It’s a proprietary tracking system that gives our clients 24/7 access to all data related to their conveyance system inspections.

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