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What We Do

Are your facility’s elevators, escalators, moving walkways, dumbwaiters, lifts, and other conveyances safe? Do they meet local, state, and federal safety codes? Are your inspection certificates expired or due for renewal?

The Qualified Elevator Inspectors at ATIS Elevator Inspections, LLC deliver timely and reliable periodic inspection and test witnessing services. With integrity and professionalism, our licensed inspectors provide thorough inspections for every customer. Their uncompromising commitment to follow and adhere to all applicable safety codes and regulations ensures that facility managers and property owners receive the inspections needed for safe operation of their facility’s moving conveyances.

We now offer our customers ATIS Alert, a system that notifies you when it is time for your building’s elevators, escalators and other conveyances to be inspected. ATIS is the only inspection company in the U.S. that offers such a monitoring and notification system that can be seen in real time. If you choose to take advantage of this service, you’ll no longer have to keep track of when your certificates are due. ATIS Alert tracks all the services we provide our customers and allows you to log into the system to see what months your inspections and certifications are due.

Need a single building inspection? Inspections in multiple properties throughout the United States? Contact us today at 855.755.2847 (ATIS) or click here to request an inspection and complete the form to make an appointment with one of our Qualified Elevator Inspectors! View information about your current inspections and devices with ATIS in your Customer Portal.

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