Consulting Services

Our consulting services help you make the right decisions the first time.

At ATIS, our focus is leveraging unrivaled experience and expertise to counsel clients on properly installing, repairing and maintaining vertical transportation equipment.

Not only do we get it right, we get it right the first time. After all, our entire business focus and our people are 100% focused on vertical transportation asset management. From strategic repairs and robust maintenance efforts to critical oversight, our consultation efforts reduce your total cost of ownership and extend the life cycle of your conveyance assets.


Real estate portfolio managers

Vertical transportation is one of the most expensive and critical building operation systems that your occupants will interact with every day. By increasing up time and providing a dependable user experience, you keep tenants satisfied and drive high occupancy and retention.

Having an ATIS elevator consultant on your management team helps you accurately plan for capital improvements in a strategic manner. It’s not only smart, it also ensures you avoid underachieving maintenance efforts. Ultimately you can make informed decisions about how to invest in your vertical transportation equipment for today’s needs as well as what you require tomorrow. That’s why we say, “ATIS is always by your side.”

ATIS can provide comprehensive management services, including:

  • Pre-purchase due diligence studies
  • Recapitalization planning and forecasting
  • TCO tracking
  • Lifecycle assessments and capital planning
  • Maintenance contract negotiation
  • Restorative cost estimates
  • Incremental aesthetic and operational improvement ideas
  • Quality Control Analyses
  • 24/7 IoT Remote Monitoring and Predictive Analytics

Connect with a proven ATIS consultant to help you meet all the requirements for your next conveyance system project.

Building owners and operators

It’s no secret that operating an efficient, safe and reliable building requires making sure all the conveyance systems are safe, compliant and operational. The hard part is actually making sure these systems meet all those requirements. This is where ATIS can fill those gaps. We fully understand the vertical transportation roles and responsibilities of the people you count on to achieve your requirements. Not only can we make sure everyone is doing their job, we make sure everyone is doing their job the right way and it’s on budget and delivered on time.

ATIS representation provides a complete solution with the following services:

  • Maintenance management and quality audits
  • Invoice reviews
  • Maintenance contract review, negotiation and oversight
  • Annual testing and inspection
  • AHJ certificate management services
  • Repair validation and oversight
  • Condition assessments

Connect with a proven ATIS consultant to help you meet all the requirements for your next conveyance system project.


Architectural/engineering firms

Long lasting, cost effective vertical transportation systems need to be intelligently designed and carefully installed and cover even the smallest details. ATIS is by your side with consultants who have decades of field experience. What they provide is a strategic perspective on what your conveyance systems require that most consulting firms simply can’t match. That’s the ATIS difference.


Project Design

  • Traffic studies to determine optimal speed and capacity
  • Equipment selections and basis of design
  • Division 14 specification development
  • Creative/cost conscious project design parameters to add strategic value engineering

Project Award & Management

  • Bid reviews, technical evaluation panels and RFI resolutions
  • Submittal review and approval
  • Project tracking, compliance and quality assurance
  • Payment application review and approval
  • Change order validation and approval

Project Acceptance & Closeout

  • QEI acceptance testing
  • Contract compliance audits
  • Operations and Maintenance (O&M) documentation reviews
  • Punch list tracking and resolutions

Connect with a proven ATIS consultant to help you meet all the requirements for your next conveyance system project.

Your operation runs 24/7, so do we. Contact us today for all your conveyance inspection needs.