Company Overview

From day one we’ve been on a mission to help our clients.

Founded in 2013, ATIS is an American-owned company with the primary mission to be America’s premier elevator inspection business. We’re the largest inspection company in America and have more than 140 Qualified Elevator Inspectors (QEIs) servicing all 50 states.


ATIS strives to provide a great employee work environment, unparalleled customer service and to treat everyone with respect and dignity. We value personal responsibility, integrity, honesty and a positive attitude. Just as important is that we encourage openness and constructive feedback. For the safety of everyone, we value continuing education and training for our inspectors and adhere to all applicable safety codes and regulations.

Mission, Vision, Values

ATIS is a national conveyance management company that provides objective and independent assessments to improve conveyance safety, compliance, and performance.

People moving in a world with no conveyance related accidents.

To elevate conveyance safety, compliance and performance.


  • We put safety before all else
  • We continuously improve and innovate
  • We act with integrity, impartiality, empathy, and hold ourselves and each other accountable
  • We provide superior customer experience
  • We are a family that has fun, treats others with respect, and contributes to our communities

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