ATIS Acquires Inspection Business from Vertical Assessment Associates

The acquisition of VAA’s inspection business marks ATIS’s fourth merger or acquisition in nine months.

ATIS Elevator Inspections, a subsidiary of American Testing & Inspection Services, is pleased to announce it has acquired the conveyance inspection business of Vertical Assessment Associates, LLC (“VAA”).

Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida, VAA has over twenty employees and has provided inspection services throughout the US, including: Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Nevada, Virginia, West Virginia and Texas. Both Lee Rigby and Bill Strawn, owners of VAA, have joined ATIS and will share responsibility for the Company’s growth and its safety, quality control, and continuing education programs. In addition, Strawn and Rigby will continue to provide elevator consulting services through VAA.

“In the two years since its launch, ATIS has assembled one of the most experienced teams in the business, and it is clear they share our commitment to safety, quality, and customer service,” said Lee Rigby, President of VAA. “Combining our inspection business with ATIS significantly expands the resources available to our inspectors and customers, and we look forward to leveraging this combination to deliver the most comprehensive conveyance inspection program in the industry.”

Founded in 2013, ATIS now has over seventy-five employees and is performing inspection services throughout the United States. With plans to significantly expand its geographic footprint, ATIS is seeking to hire qualified candidates and make select acquisitions throughout the country. The acquisition of VAA’s inspection business marks ATIS’s fourth merger or acquisition in nine months.

“Acquiring VAA’s inspection business adds significant talent to our existing team and further establishes ATIS as the country’s premier provider of inspection services,” said JA Marchack, President of ATIS Elevator Inspections. “We are pleased with ATIS’s rapid growth, and we look forward to adding additional expertise and expanding into additional markets.”

“The acquisition of VAA’s inspection business results in an iconic combination of talent,” said Chip Smith, Chairman of ATIS. “ATIS and VAA have some of the most successful and recognized experts in the elevator industry, and we are excited about the opportunities that exist by combining their talents and expertise. ATIS operates in one of the most fragmented industries we’ve seen, and we hope to continue capitalizing on great acquisition opportunities.”

About ATIS:
ATIS is a national firm that currently provides safety inspection and test witnessing services for elevators, escalators, moving walks and other conveyances.February 24th, 2015