Frequently Asked Questions

Let ATIS answer your elevator and escalator questions.

It’s essential to ensure your building stays operational with elevators and escalators that are in compliance.  We realize that you may have questions and need clarity regarding topics about everything from how to schedule and inspection to steps you should take if there’s a violation. If you need more information, simply contact us today.

A: You can either check your existing certificate to see if the expiration date is indicated or you can simply call ATIS Elevator Inspections at 855-755-2847(ATIS). We have the ability to access that information.

A: You can either call ATIS Elevator Inspections at 855-755-2847(ATIS) or you can click here to request a service.

A: A QEI is a Qualified Elevator Inspector. Individuals who hold this designation have gone through a rigorous background check and examination process, and has had at least four years experience in the mechanical/electrical aspects of the elevator industry. They must maintain these qualifications based on the ASME QEI-1 Standard for Qualified Elevator Inspectors.

A: We currently have over 130 full-time and part-time QEIs at ATIS. They are all fully insured, including workman’s comp.

A: If there are any violations on your inspection report, determine which party is responsible (elevator/escalator maintenance contractor or building owner/agent). Handling of the violations can vary based on jurisdiction. You can call ATIS Elevator Inspections at 855-755-2847(ATIS) and we will be happy to assist.

A: When you receive an inspection report with no elevator or escalator code deficiencies, ATIS will file an inspection report of existing conditions. An operating certificate will then be issued.

A: The vast majority of the certificates expire in one year, while some expire in six months. Be sure to confirm the length of time before your next required inspection.

Your operation runs 24/7. So do we. Contact ATIS for all your elevator consulting and inspection needs.