Thomas Bruce: Biography

ATIS Elevator Consultant- Region: WestThomas Bruce Elevator Consultant

T. +1 314-334-3146

Thomas applies his background as a mechanical engineer and previous experience in training, engineering management, project management, and consulting to effectively communicate solutions through many mediums. This includes analyzing maintenance contracts, managing competing bids across all major lines of business, organizing labor and material invoices, and proposals to give thoughtful assessment for desired outcomes and economic considerations. Thomas also conducts thorough onsite assessments for due diligence reports, maintenance analysis, new installation and modernizations surveys, and code compliance.  

“I enjoy this role both from an aspect of increasing my own knowledge and competency on interesting electro-mechanical systems and providing actionable, clear, concise, understandable information to clients who need a trusted partner.”   

Prior to joining ATIS, Thomas worked as a project manager and regional training manager for elevator OEM new installation; operations manager for industrial equipment installation; a hydraulic fracturing consultant, engineering manager, and field engineer; natural gas power plant engineer; railroad maintenance engineer; and special machine technician.