Sanjay Kamani: Biography

National Co-Director of Elevator Consulting – Region: Northeast
T. +1 804- 543-4433
E. skamani@atis.comSanjay Kamani Elevator Consultant

Sanjay serves as the company’s lead consultant on all aspects related to building conveyances. His extensive background in conveyance engineering and negotiation proves invaluable for the needs of consulting clients, including contract management, due diligence, contract renewals and modernization management. From design and field installations to maintenance and parts, Sanjay’s expertise and experience in conveyance consulting helps guide building owners, property managers, investors, and building architects on the best possible conveyance solutions.  

“I advise clients on the best practices that will drive success in every aspect of their building conveyances. The result is their elevators maintain operational efficiency, are compliant, and are safe for public use.”

Prior to joining ATIS, Sanjay was a partner at Tesst, LLC, where he successfully commercialized elevator compliance technology that utilized public data collection, workflow applications, and business intelligence reports. As a partner at KP Property Advisors, he utilized his extensive engineering knowledge and business negotiation skills to provide professional elevator consulting services. He was also part of a “think tank” at Otis Elevator Company that developed over 28 worldwide patents and was responsible for developing state-of-the-art technologies in the elevator industry. Sanjay received his (MSEE) from The University of Connecticut. He has over 30 years of experience in the conveyance systems’ industry following his first assignments as a design engineer for a major elevator manufacturer and consulting with New York City ownership groups. Sanjay has earned national elevator inspection certification and holds Masters’ degrees in business and in electrical engineering.


Office: +1 314-668-7402 
Cell: +1 804- 543-4433