Jeff Valentine: Biography

ATIS Elevator Consultant – Region: Midwest
T. +1 608-607-7122

Jeff provides complete ATIS solutions for elevator issues, including maintenance management and quality audit. He helps to ensure that all maintenance services are performed properly and Elevator Consultant Jeff Valentine that clients are not charged for services that should be included in their agreement. Jeff is a Qualified Elevator Inspector (QEI) and is well versed in elevator codes and applications, including periodic inspections and witnessing of tests in the State of Wisconsin. He also inspects elevators to determine if renovations are necessary and prepares bidding documents for construction management services. 

“As an Elevator Consultant, my product is my expertise and the content I provide demonstrates my proven experience. By creating insightful solutions, I provide my clients with the value they deserve.”

Before joining ATIS, Jeff worked as an elevator service manager, responsible for the profitable operation of a service operations business. This included the direct supervision of all related maintenance and repair activity of both union and non-union personnel, plus accomplishing quality and customer satisfaction goals. Jeff co-authored technical manuals and has experience in both engineering and marketing for a large global generator manufacturer. Although his experience spans nearly 30 years, Jeff found time to serve as a ground equipment mechanic in the U.S. Air Force with over 22 years on active duty and as a Traditional Guardsman.