Frank Fletcher: Biography

ATIS Elevator Consultant – Region: West
T: +1 510-468-4601

Frank has worked for some of the biggest elevator service companies in the US – which is why he is thrilled to be part of independent consulting firm ATIS. According to Frank, the sales quotas and vague contracts that dominate the elevator business these days really muddy the waters, and he is happy to take on the role of clearing things up. In addition to his work with ATIS, Frank is currently president of the Northern California Elevator Industry Group (NCEIG).

Frank’s decades of experience in the elevator industry have entailed every possible role and project type. His consulting work has covered commercial and governmental clients for maintenance, repairs, testing, inspection, accounting and service reviews, project management, upgrade engineering, equipment selection, budgeting, modernization auditing, and performance/condition evaluations.

Frank’s work in project development and equipment technology has involved equipment testing, maintenance control plans, procedures and specifications. He has also conducted extensive research and analysis of conveyance systems, auditing of project vendor invoicing, change orders and progress payments, product introductions through code authorities, marketing research and develop surveys, and data collection for clients.