emergency storm services

ATIS: We can help bring calm after the storm.

Hurricane season, especially after hurricane Laura, brings out the worst in nature. That’s why ATIS brings out our best to help restore normal operations to your elevators, escalators, conveyors, moving walks and other conveyances.

High wind and flood waters can create obstacles in restoring conveyance operations. That’s why it’s essential to know how to properly handle these situations to help avoid costly repairs or extended downtime by following these preparation best practices:
  • Avoid operating any conveyance that has been exposed to wind or water and then de-energize these systems at the main power source.
  • Contact your elevator service provider to confirm that areas not accessible to the public such as pits, car-tops and machine/control spaces are free from water penetration.
  • If water is found in the pit, have your elevator contractor move the elevator to an upper floor and shut down power until the pit can be evacuated.
  • Any device removed from service should be disabled with the doors closed and stop switch engaged (NOTE: For Hydraulic elevators, close the hydraulic supply-line valve).
  • Prior to returning conveyances to service, confirm proper operation of the alarm bell, door reopening device, in-car emergency light, two-way communication phone or intercom, and sump pump in the pit.
  • Before returning conveyance to public service, have an inspection/test performed by your elevator contractor and an ATIS inspector. We can coordinate this service on your behalf.

There’s no time for downtime.

After a hurricane some of your conveyances may require repairs. But ATIS Consulting will be by your side to navigate the complexities of restoring safe and reliable service. We’re here to help with damage assessments, repair proposals, restorative efforts, insurance claims and confirming safe operations.

For immediate consultation assistance, fill out the form below or call 888-665-6027. Please be safe and together we can weather any storm.