Elevator management and consulting

Our business is to keep yours moving.

Elevators and escalators have hundreds of moving parts. And we’re not talking about just gears, electronics and motors. The parts that are just as important to keep conveyance systems operational also have to do with everything from the compliance of a legacy system to guidance on current code requirements and service level agreements. This includes ASME codes, ADA regulations, building codes, electrical codes, maintenance control programs and the list goes on. As elevator management and consulting experts, ATIS gives you peace of mind and ensures your conveyances remain safe, compliant and operational.

Our business is not to maintain or install elevators, our purpose is to maximize your investment and minimize total cost of ownership.

With ATIS elevator management and consulting services, you get the assurance of third party objective insights and guidance to ensure your elevators and escalators maintain operational efficiency, safety and enhance the value of your building.
Legacy systems don’t have to be an old problem. In fact, even if you have elevators or escalators that have been around for years, we can provide comprehensive audits to determine if a replacement plan is required for efficiency, modernization and to ensure safety.

Now you can be sure what conveyance system solutions work best to not only meet regulations, but to ensure efficiency and enhance the value of your building. It’s just another way ATIS is always on your side.

What’s more, we know maintenance contracts better than the maintenance companies that write them. That’s why we can determine if they cover everything you require and the regulators demand. With ATIS by your side, you can be confident in knowing service contracts are being met by the maintenance company. If a repair for a broken escalator or elevator is required, we know if your maintenance service contract covers those costs. If it doesn’t, we’ll make certain you are only billed for the work that is supposed to be done. Of course, we also make sure it’s done correctly.

The Common Challenges Faced with Conveyance Management:

Lack of Accountability
  • Am I receiving all of the services I am paying for?
  • Who is responsible for fixing violations, me or my maintenance company?
  • Violations and callbacks lead to extra costs and user complaints.
  • If there’s a conveyance system injury, who helps protect you and your organization?
Unforeseen Issues and Costs​
  • Should extra services really cost extra? It’s next to impossible to figure out if you try to review a maintenance contract on your own.
  • Unexpected compliance violations can generate increased downtime.
  • Is the work completed on our conveyance systems done properly, fairly priced, and meet inspection and testing requirements?
Location Challenges​
  • There’s one of you and hundreds of elevators and escalators and multiple locations.
  • How do you keep pace with ever changing jurisdiction and compliance requirements? Is that the job you expected to take on?
Lack of Visibility
  • Is your maintenance company actually maintaining, repairing and servicing what is required in your service agreement?
  • Maintaining and reviewing multiple service contracts is more than a challenge, it’s an impossibility.
Modernization Issues​
  • What updates should you make to your conveyance systems and how do you budget and plan for all this?
  • The typical conveyance solution for a new building project may not be the best solution. But how do you know for certain?

Key Benefits of ATIS Management and Consulting:

Modernization Project Management

Our equipment audit quantifies life expectancy of equipment for capital planning and identifies shortfalls of maintenance to avoid costly repairs. With our Modernization Project Management, we reduce expensive change orders and ensure project completion on time. In fact, we can save you on average 00% on your installation, maintenance and upgrade costs.

New Construction

Turn to our consulting services for new project traffic analysis, installation specifications and building conveyance specifications for consistent and non-proprietary quotes maintenance audits and condition assessments.

Certificate and Compliance Management

Utilize our Certificate Management to ensure certificate of operation compliance in all your jurisdictions, even if you’re a major retail chain or hospital system with multiple locations. This results in saving multi-jurisdictional owners the cost of in-house staff to manage these complexities. In addition, our Certificate Management solution helps you avoid fines and liability associated with non-compliant operation.

Remote Monitoring

Utilizing the Internet of Things, ATIS will install OEM agnostic technologies to remotely monitor your conveyances 24/7. ATIS provides unparalleled transparency and objective insights to inform and empower our customers to maximize the value of their conveyance assets.

Contract Expertise

We will negotiate your maintenance contracts so you get exactly what you require at the cost that works within your budget. Plus, with ATIS Maintenance Contract Management, you can be sure that your maintenance company is performing per contract specifications. We do more than help solve issues, we can prevent them from ever happening in the first place.

Education and Training

At ATIS, we can cover everything from annual training (required by code for elevator owners’ authorized personnel) and escalator start-up procedures to emergency evacuation procedures and firefighters’ service testing.

Your operation runs 24/7, so do we. Contact us today for all your conveyance inspection needs.