Elevator and Escalator Safety

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Elevator Safety Tips and Rules

When waiting for an elevator:

– Know your destination. Push elevator call button for the direction you want to go.

– Stand aside for exiting passengers.

– Wait for the next car, if the elevator is full.

– Take the stairs if there is a fire.

– Do not try to stop a closing door. Wait for the next elevator.


When you enter and leave an elevator:

– Enter and exit carefully. Step up or down if the elevator floor and hall floor are not level.

– Hold children and pets firmly.

– Stand clear of the doors – keep clothes and carry-ons away from the opening.

– Push and hold the DOOR OPEN button if the doors need to be held open, or ask someone to push the button for you.


When riding on an elevator:

– Stand next to the elevator wall.

– Hold the handrail if available.

– Pay attention to the floor indications.

– If the doors do not open when the elevator stops, push the DOOR OPEN button.


What to do in the event of a delay

– Push or pull the Alarm button to call for assistance.

– Phone for help, if a phone is available. An intercom or hands free phone may be available. Follow instructions for their use.

– Pry not! Do not force open the elevator doors. Do not attempt to leave the elevator.

– Patience, please. You are safe and there is plenty of air. So relax and wait for help.


Escalator Safety Tips and Rules

Before entering escalators:

– No hand trucks or hand carts.

– No freight.

– No wheelchairs, strollers or baby buggies.

– No walkers or wheeled vehicles.

– No loose clothing – clogs, flip flops, soft-soled shoes or scarves.

– Be careful when carrying hanging clothes.

– No running or walking – stand still.

– Don’t ride barefoot or with loose shoelaces.

– Parents supervise the conduct and activity of your children.

– Use emergency button in emergency situations only.


When entering escalators:

– Watch the direction of the moving step.

– Step on and off with extra care. Take care if you are wearing bifocals.

– Hold children or small packages firmly in one hand.

– Grasp the handrail as you step promptly onto the moving step.

– Keep loose clothing clear of steps and sides.


When riding escalators:

– Stand toward the middle of the step – away from the sides and face forward. Don’t lean against the sides.

– Don’t allow children to sit on steps.

– Do not sit umbrellas on steps.

– Keep a firm grip on the handrail. Reposition your hand slowly if the handrail moves ahead or behind the steps. Escalators may stop for safety precautions.

– Don’t rest your handbag or parcels or any other objects on the handrail or steps or anywhere.

– Keep objects in hands at all times.

– Pay attention. Don’t window-shop while riding.


When exiting escalators:

– Don’t hesitate.

– Step off promptly.

– Immediately move clear of the escalator exit area; don’t stop to talk or look around. Other passengers may be behind you.