Door Lock Monitoring Requirements in Florida

The Deadline for Florida's DLM Code is Approaching

How to avoid code violations and costly blanket proposals

Florida has adopted a critical safety requirement for all elevators to prevent operation when door contact circuits are faulty. By January 1, 2024, all Florida elevators must be equipped with a Door Lock Monitoring (DLM) system which keeps elevators locked in place until the doors are completely closed.

How this applies to your elevators
Elevators manufactured after 2000 either already have DLM systems (that may need activation) or can be connected to devices that provide DLM. Elevators manufactured prior to 2000 require upgraded equipment or full modernization.

How much will it cost?
Cost is entirely dependent on the specific components of each elevator, so the range could be from as little as $1,000 – or exceed $60,000. For example, some elevators are equipped with DLM that was disabled during construction. In these cases, only a parameter change or software update is required. Elevators manufactured without DLM may be remedied with an overlay – an external monitor – or may require more extensive upgrades or modernization.

Why blanket proposals can be dangerous
Maintenance companies need to get out thousands of proposals. Unless they’ve recently conducted a complete inventory of every elevator, they may not know what is required until they start the work. So, their proposals typically cover the worst-case scenario. If you sign a blanket proposal, you will likely overpay – in some cases by tens of thousands of dollars.

An ATIS inventory inspection can save thousands
ATIS can provide an inventory inspection of your elevator to identify its exact components. From here, our consultants can provide a proposal to determine the most cost-effective way to achieve compliance with the DLM code.

An ATIS expert on your side
ATIS can determine if your elevator only needs a software update. Factoring in the expected life of your equipment, we can assess whether an overlay or a modernization is your best investment. And with our knowledge of the true costs of each option, we can effectively negotiate optimal terms and pricing for you.

The fees for our work are nominal. An inventory inspection for all the elevators in your building costs only $500. A custom consulting proposal to determine the most cost effective way to achieve compliance can range from $500 to $1,500, depending on the work and equipment involved. Your expected savings should easily pay for our work – often many times over.

The Florida code
ASME A17.3-2015 3.10.12 System to Monitor and Prevent Automatic Operation of the Elevator with Faulty Door Contact Circuits