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Strategic elevator modernization by ATIS

Does it make more sense to keep repairing - or to modernize?

Every elevator reaches a point where it no longer makes economic or logistical sense to continue to repair parts that have worn out. Service calls, replacement parts, and elevator downtime are all costly.

Elevator modernization is the replacement of critical mechanical parts that are reaching end of life. This typically includes the controller equipment, electrical components, motors, and hoist machinery. It may also include an aesthetic update, but not necessarily.

Investing in elevator modernization resets the clock on an elevator’s lifespan. It can also bring other benefits, including an increase in the building’s property value, a reduction in energy consumption, and improved passenger safety.

However, how do you determine that strategic point when it makes more sense to invest in modernization than to repair?

An ATIS Elevator Consultant can determine the most strategic path to modernization. We provide an objective, ultra-qualified analysis of your unique installation to determine if modernization makes sense now – or in several years.

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factors to consider

When conducting a modernization analysis, ATIS Elevator Consultants consider multiple factors. To get our opinion on whether your elevator is ready for modernization, just contact an ATIS consultant. 

How old is the elevator?

Different types of elevators have vastly different lifespans. Consider the following:

  • Hydraulic: Typically 20 – 25 years
  • Overhead traction: About 30 years
  • Machine Room-Less (MRL): Only 10 – 15 years

How much is this elevator used?

As an elevator approaches its lifespan, anticipate increased downtime and more frequent (and more complicated) repairs. Replacement parts are harder to find so the elevator is out of service for longer periods. In buildings with high traffic, such as hospitals, any downtime is unacceptable. Lower traffic buildings, or service elevators that are rarely used, may be a lower priority for modernization.

Modernization Case Studies

At Harrison Square in downtown Portland, modernization consulting services managed by Cory Hunter involved full equipment analysis and development of detailed specifications and scope of work, enabling the comparison of multiple bidders. Qualified bids ranged from $826 K to $905 K, saving the client $80 K.

At PSB Portland, modernization consulting services included developing detailed specifications, conducting the bid review, and overseeing the construction administration. Bids ranged from $1,111,750. to $2,133,300. After negotiating various options, including the destination dispatch, the project was awarded at $1,337,863 – saving the client $821,437 from the highest bid.

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