Certificate Management Program

Turn complexity into simplicity.

Compliance is beyond complicated. That’s why we’re here to help with scheduling inspections, violation tracking, and all jurisdictional filings and requirements. Conveyance systems are the lifeline to keep people moving in the right direction within an office building, hospital, medical facility, retail store or high-rise residential building. The ATIS Certificate Management Program helps keep those elevators and escalators operational.

As a building owner or facility manager, we realize you can be responsible for one elevator or hundreds of conveyance systems. Wherever you are, ATIS is there with you. You won’t be overwhelmed since we handle everything for you with our certificate management services. Not only do we make sure your elevators and escalators are up to code, but you won’t miss inspection deadlines.

Common Challenges Faced with Elevator Certificate Compliance:

Lack of Accountability
  • Typically this is not a key job function for any employee
  • There is no one single person who is directly responsible for ensuring compliance
No Compliance Tracking
  • Manually logging as well as storing all certificates
  • Most people in charge of building or store conveyances are unaware if their elevators or escalators are compliant
Jurisdictional Requirements
  • Staying up to date with jurisdictional requirements is complex and challenging
  • Researching and tracking information is time consuming
Lack of Visibility
  • No centralized repository to see status or if violations are being cleared in a timely manner
  • Time consuming to determine what issues are holding up meeting compliance

Benefits of ATIS Certificate Management Program:

atis certificate management
atis certificate management tracking


All your data, including key inspection and service dates, are tracked and made available in one location through the client portal. It makes tracking compliance status more efficient and fully transparent.

atis certificate management inspection


Automated reports are emailed to personnel with key data and dates to help coordinate inspections. If there is a violation, all requirements are tracked, dated and shared with your maintenance company.

atis certificate management reporting


Once a conveyance inspection is completed, all filing fees and reports are stored in a centralized location. This simplifies the process of distributing the required paperwork to the AHJ while doing it in a timely manner.

atis certificate management certification


Once an inspection results in a “pass” with no violations, all data is updated on your portal. This covers fees, maintenance information and expiration date reminders to ensure certificates are received on time.

Proprietary tracking system

The ATIS Alert Customer Portal gives you complete visibility into all your compliance requirements.

Our Certificate Management program is designed with a robust and intuitive customer portal. Now you have a single view dashboard of insights such as certificate status, open violations, service transactions and inspection records for keeping conveyances operational.

Whatever you’re looking for, you will find on the ATIS portal. We can create custom reports for you that can include as many fields as you require. This technology also captures data in real time for immediate access by you and your team. It’s valuable information to help you better manage your conveyance portfolio.

atis alert program

Your operation runs 24/7, so do we. Contact us today for all your conveyance inspection needs.