One portal -
all your elevator and escalator data.

ATIS Alert is a robust, proprietary system that gives ATIS customers complete visibility into their elevator, escalator, and other conveyance portfolio. Get a 24/7 comprehensive view with insights such as:

  • Jurisdiction
  • Device ID
  • Elevator/escalator inspection reports
  • Elevator/escalator inspection history
  • Open violations 
  • Scheduled and upcoming inspections

Only available through ATIS. Contact us for details.

atis alert customer portal

ATIS Alert Proprietary Software for Elevators and Escalators

Upcoming Schedule

Use the Upcoming Schedule feature to view when your elevator/escalator inspections will be performed and at what building locations. 

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atis alert customer portal screen 2
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Inspections Completed

Quickly access elevator/escalator inspection reports completed by ATIS and the type of inspection performed. Simply click “Print this Report” on the record to obtain a hard copy of the inspection.

Open Violations

The Open Violation tracker displays all open violations for all your elevator and escalator systems. Each inspection is color coded to clarify what action is needed, along with other details such as the type of inspection conducted.

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Device Dashboard

View a summary your entire elevator/escalator portfolio status quickly via the ATIS Alert Device Dashboard. Find critical information such as overdue inspections and types and categories of systems.  


Your operation runs 24/7. So do we. Contact ATIS for all your elevator consulting and inspection needs.